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Assetto Corsa Competizione

Verfasst: Feb 27, '18, 12:40
von Uwe Hellwig
wie viel ja schon mitbekommen haben wird es ab sommer diesen jahres Assetto Corsa Competizione als Early Access geben. ich habe mich nur durch diverse foren gelesen um mal aktuelle infos zu bekommen. vieles steht nun mal offen im raum.

fakt ist, acc ist nicht ac2. acc ist/wird ein reines GT3 game sein mit der 2018ner Blancpain- / SRO- Lizenz. Auch DLCs sind fragwürdig. über die modbarkeit scheiden sich die geister. einschlägige seiten/foren verneinen jedoch die möglichkeit des moddens da nun mal die FIA b.z.w. Blancpain- / SRO-Lizenz mit drin steckt (siehe R3E). sollte es DLCs geben dann bestenfalls zur angleichung der jeweiligen saison/lizenz (neue strecken, neue GT3 fahrzeuge z.b. 2019).

Aktueller Stand: Offizielles Statement von Marco Massarutto

Features & content
- Driver swaps confirmed
- They will use the 2018 season for the content
- There will be 10 circuits (you can find them on the Blancpain calendar:
- Official leaderboards (basically RSR inside the game)
- Ranking system for both skill and safety similar to iRacing (he mentions the latest GranTurismo's one). They hired the guy behind Minorating for this
- They will follow their philosophy, so the handling will be realistic (as it was in AC)
- Tyre model, aero and suspension geometry will be improved thanks to new developers that have been hired in the last year (one of them is also a mechanical engineer)
- ACC will be more versatile and easier to use for people with less experience (which doesn't mean less realism)

Pricing & release
- Early Access (beta version) at a lower price than the release one
- No release date announced, not even approximately

On Unreal Engine 4
- Choice of UE4 was driven by desire of focusing on the features that were lacking in AC1, basically "gameplay features" like implementing the various RL regulations, better career mode, better AI etc. (He supports this decision by saying that Kunos' competitors, even though with a way bigger workforce, have decided to avoid writing an Engine by themselves)
- They have worked 8 months during 2017 on R&D testing the Unreal Engine, Marco says that it has been an huge risk because they still didn't know if UE4 was the right choice. He mentions as an example the need to do separate renders for the mirrors, which they had trouble to implement initially as UE4 engine is "general" and not geared towards sim use. This required weeks of telemetry of how it works, how it uses CPU/GPU etc.
- The assets needed some rework as well, in order to be optimized for the different engine (as a result of the aforementioned analysis)
- They will also probably use UE4 for their future projects
- He praises the photorealism of the Unreal Engine, even though some months were needed before both the eye candy and the framerate started to get to the desired level
- They took some inspiration on how to solve some issues they had from videos of other games made with the Unreal Engine, mainly the ones made by Milestone

On collaboration between real racing teams & Blancpain

- With this license they are going to have an even stronger collaboration between Kunos and drivers/racing teams
- They will be at many racing weekends in order to gather data from the teams
- Many teams use AC for the training of their pilots. Some of the teams also asked them some advice to build their own simulator
- Many drivers asked Kunos help to setup simulators in order to train for new tracks, for example
- They received numerous eSports contacts, but for the moment they are focusing on the development of the game. (Based on the way he talked about this, I believe esports will come)
- Kunos is working on a connection between virtual and real Blancpain (for example ideal time laps vs real ones, plus something similar to RSR with invitations to the races for the fastest guys, he mentions GranTurismo's Academy)

Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.0.9

Verfasst: Sep 17, '19, 02:34
von Uwe Hellwig
- ForceFeedbackIntervalSteps now defaults to the highest frequency rate (0) when generated.
NOTE: if you already have the value in your controls.json, delete the line or the entire .json for the line to regenerate with the correct value or change the value manually to 0.
- Wheel controller is now polled at 333Hz.
- AI "take space" behaviour is now less aggressive, requests less distance from the car in front, reacts less abruptly and guarantees higher minimum speed.
- Fixed incorrect driver stint times in Championship Endurance races.
- Potential fix to startup crash due to failed screen detection.

Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.0.10

Verfasst: Okt 12, '19, 10:11
von Uwe Hellwig
- Fixed default gearshift debouncing calculation being too low
- Added gearshift debouncing slider to controls configuration screen
- Fixed TrackIR flickering.